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[Picture of Cocodude] Oh - it's so embarassing

This is old and plain embarassing, but hey.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Yes, that's me at the age of about 15, styling a fashionable centre parting. The 'net was so much cooler in those days.

OK, first of all, that picture above is really, really, really old. Secondly, yes, I am Cocodude. You may have seen me elsewhere on the net (woo! like on hotornot.com!), and you've found me. Feel free to e-mail me properly at marc@indivisibilities.com!

Sorry, I know this site is quite out of date now. I'm sure I'll update it sometime, when and if I get the time (07/11/2001)

Hi - and welcome to my kitchen! Now you actually know what I look like! As in all pictures, you get a picture where you've got a good expression on your face, and then it turns out that you're wearing something wierd - in this case, the T-Shirt. If anyone actually understands it, please e-mail me... Just in case you're wondering, this site has nothing to do with cooking, whatsoever. Oh - I forgot to mention what my actual name is! It's...Marc Warne Ok - so what do you want to know about me? Click below!

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If you wish to send me encrypted e-mail, you can use my GnuPG (5.x) key (preferred), or my PGP 2.x key.