[Cocodude's Kitchen]
So why are you called Cocodude then?
OK. Cocodude is my nickname on the IRC. I decided to choose that name because in an IRC Primer, it said 'choose a name that it original to avoid it being used by someone else'. So there we are - Cocodude! :-)
Well why's the site called "Cocodude's Kitchen" then?
You can blame this on one my my #acorn IRC friends - Helen Rayner. Basicially, she calls me 'Cocopops' on the IRC, as it's similar to 'Cocodude', and throughout one day at Acorn World, she kept on shouting, "breakfast!" to me - so that's why it's Cocodude's Kitchen!
What's the complete setup of your computer?
Ok - here goes... It's an Acorn RiscPC 700 at 40Mhz. It has a 4.2GB and a 812Mb Conner hard drive, a high-density floppy drive, a 4x CD-ROM drive, a 33,600 baud modem, a nice 15 inch monitor, a Star LC24-200 dot matrix printer, a spare 5 1/4 inch slot, a spare 3 1/2 inch slot, a nice mousemat and a very nice pair of 80W speakers.
Why are you called Marc, spelt with a 'c'?
I blame this on my parents. I was actually born in France when my dad worked there, so they decided to give me a name which English, but had a 'French touch' - so I ended up with the name 'Marc'. Personally, I think it looks nicer than 'Mark' anyway, but that's my opinion...
What are your origins?
That's a good question! My dad is English, my mum comes from Trinidad in the Caribbean (and boy is it nice there!), and I was born in France! What a mix up!
What's your AcornCode?
Ok, ok, here is is:
AcornCodev1.02: A2 rpc7/I812/10/ro+++/Icd4/sa/M3/ a3000/0/4/ro+ BB2
ed+++ dc250 nl- EC pc-- pr+ wb- HR++ an+ #ac! bd AW F1 RH bbs++
Any closing words?
You should never marry a tennis player. Love means nothing to them.
Are you mad?
Yes - but don't tell Quintin (most of you won't understand that...)

So there you are - you know who I really am...

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