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Hi! Here is a list of some of my friends on the Internet, whether I know them by IRC, Usenet or whatever. They're listed in no particular order. When I actually find picture of others, I'll put them on the page. If you consider your self one of my friends, send me an e-mail with a nice picture of your self, and I'll see what I can do!

[Picture of Helen Rayner]
Helen Rayner (aka ThisHell) [Web pages]

Helen is aged 15 and was born three days (and a year) after me!! She enjoys badminton, cycling, swimming, computing and campanology. She loves chocolate, and absolutely detests brussel sprouts and peas.

[Picture of David Gamble]
David Gamble (aka qsundel) [Web pages]

David and I have decided that we are clones of each other. For some weird reason, we seem to have many, many things in common... In real life, he looks nothing like he does in the picture. He likes assembling fx demos, and hates PCs.

[Picture of Justin Fletcher]
Justin Fletcher (aka Gerph) [Web pages]

Justin is pretty demn good at programming Internet stuff for the Acorn, and has produced a very nice set of libraries (!JFShared), which have helped me, and many others to produce Internet proggies! At last! I got a colour piccie of him! Yes! yes! Wieeeeeerd! ;-) I'm still wondering about those green things which appear to be coming out of his ears...

[No picture]
Andrew Berry (aka Berry) [Web pages]

He hasn't got an electronic picture of himself!! Grrr... Anyway, I've never actually seen what he looks like, so hurry up with that picture!! :-)

[Picture of Alisdair McDiarmid]
Alisdair McDiarmid (aka Ally) [Web pages/Illusion Software]

Ally is 17 years old. He'll be studying Computer and Electronic Systems next year. He is interested in playing the guitar, listening to music, going to gigs and playing golf and football. He's known as Ally on the IRC on #acorn, and I can't think of anything else to say! He also runs Illusion Software.

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