In this section, there are only pieces of software available which are complete. Not all programs have been released, but a majority have. The software available here are only for RISC OS computers (eg. Acorns), and Psions.

RISC OS programmers: Psion programmers:

There is a small selection of software available for IBM/compatable PCs, but most programs are old and very simple. This PC software is situated in the Naff section. There is also information on how to create your own Audiogalaxy Satellite for platforms other than those officially supported. This can be viewed here.

RISC OS Software

All Acorn software is provided in ZIP archives. You can download Sparkplug from David Pilling's website which will decompress these files.

CocoGnut 1.21 - Freeware

    Peer-to-peer filesharing client for RISC OS. Allows users to download files from the Gnutella networking, including MP3s, videos and documents. Constantly under development and unstoppable due to its decentralised nature. RISC OS 4 and 5 / StrongARM and XScale compatable

Audiogalaxy Satellite 1.14 - Freeware

    RISC OS version of the Audiogalaxy Satellite, which is used for sharing MP3s. Fully supports downloading, uploading and resuming via the Audiogalaxy protocol. RISC OS 4 / StrongARM compatable

AlphaSave 1.25 - Shareware

    Programmable screensaver with loads of features including screen powersaving, sleep corners, password protection and even flashing keyboard lights when the screensaver is active. RISC OS 4 / StrongARM compatable

EasyAnim 1.05 - Freeware

    Animation program originally designed for use by primary school children but usable from almost any age from primary to adult. Capable of 768 frames and features a simple picture editor and animation controls. RISC OS 4 / StrongARM compatable

Isis RFC3a - Freeware

    Pre-release version of a simple but potentially powerful freeware spreadsheet. Features include file encryption, compression, column/row meadings, foemulae, exporting and importing, sorting, styles, searching and overlaid graphics. RISC OS 4 / StrongARM compatable

QuikBoot 1.20 - Freeware

    Simple but effective application which will !Boot applications and directories. Fully recursive so it will traverse down a directory structure. RISC OS 4 / StrongARM compatable

Tubthumping 1.10 - Freeware

    Displays the lyrics of the song by Chumbawamba as it is being played in the CD ROM drive. The lyrics which are displayed fill the screen. RISC OS 4 / StrongARM compatable

TronDoor 1.10 - Freeware

    Door for Bulletin Board Servers to play tron between the user and SysOp. Lots of features including Sysop-defined keys, scores and paging. Works with ArcBBS compatable servers. If you don't know what this means, you won't make any use of the program. RISC OS 4 / StrongARM compatable

Paradox Demo 0.20b - Freeware

    Demonstration of a simple game I wrote ages ago. In this game, you are a spaceship and have to dodge balls coming towards you. RISC OS 4 / StrongARM bodgable

SuperBooter 7.25e - Shareware

    Obsolete simple password protection program. Only allows the user to access the disc if one of three user-defined passwords are entered. In reality, it is very easy to get round. RISC OS 4 / StrongARM compatable

Psion Software

All software in this section was originally written for the Psion 3 series, including 3, 3a, 3c and Sienna. Programs here should also work on the Acorn PocketBooks I and II.

Psionopoly 1.99 - Freeware

    Unofficial version of Monopoly for the Psion. Features most of the things the real Monopoly game features, including up to four players, trading, in-built help and scrolling of the board. Psion 3 and enhanced 3a+ versions available

LoadBit - 1.30 - Freeware

    Simple program to display .PIC files. The picture can be moved if it takes up more space than the screen size. Psion 3 and enhanced 3a+ versions available

ParaSave - 1.10 - Shareware

    Screensaver for Psions featuring a spaceship flying in space through stars. Psion 3a+ required

Save Yourself - 1.20 - Shareware

    Screensaver for Psions featuring a user-definable pattern. The pattern is defined by the brush size and shape chosen. Psion 3a+ required

X-Calc - 1.00 - Freeware

    Simple program to convert number, eg. imperial to metric and use mathematical and physics equations. Not based on X-Calc for Un*x. Psion 3 and 3a+ compatable

Strange Ways - 1.30 - Freeware

    Text-based maze game also featuring a high score table. Psion 3 and enhanced 3a+ versions available

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