The Story

The Paradox has occured, an explosion with the force of infinity, enough to disintegrate an entire galaxy. You and seven others are the only people out of the whole colony to survive the explosion, for you were in your ship performing your duties. Your only escape is to travel light-years to the one worm-hole in the galaxy and be teleported out of there.

There are a few problems though.

There are many obstructions in your way, which include an asteroid field and being sucked in by a black hole.

Also, the worm-hole can only carry a maximum of one person, and since there are seven others trying to reach the worm-hole, there will be fights along the way to decide who will get there first.

The Paradox is always gaining on you, so if you do not get past an obsticle in time, the Paradox will reach you, and you will be killed.

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