The Producers

Marc Warne - Programmer
Marc is the main programmer of Paradox. Currently it's programmed in BASIC, but I will be learning C soon, and I'm going to have to do a complete re-write :-(. Graphics will be added for three types of screen mode:
  1. 1. Mode 13 type sprites
  2. 2. Mode 28 type sprites
  3. 3. 32 thousand colour (800*600) sprites
Or at least this is what I hope!
Geraint Dawe - Graphics Artist
He's the graphics artist, currently making the 32k colour sprites for Paradox, and they look cool! They're not implemented yet, but will be very soon.
James Langston - Music Person
The Music Man. Will soon be making some atmospheric music for Paradox. At the moment, PD music is being used, which really suits the game. Can James do better?
Simon Aspinall - Ideas
Simon is the person giving some ideas to me about Paradox.

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