[IRC Meet '98]

Wow that meet was fun!! Those listed above were present, although tigger went near the beginning (didn't like iceskating?) and RiscTaker went just before bowling. I left after bowling, along with statto. The others stayed on for a bit, but I have no idea what they did! Thanks to Tom Stainthorpe (a friend of mine) for scanning them in. If you wish to view the small pictures again, you can click here. Anyway, the pictures...

Victoria Station

All of us at Victoria Station
Some of us seeing each other for the first time

Ice Rink #1

The first ice rink we were sent to
This is the first ice rink we were directed to - one without ice!! "Thanks for telling us where the ice rink was, but could you tell us where there is one which actually has ice in it?"

Ice Rink #2

All of us on the ice rink
Ah - that's more like it - ICE!!!

Cocodude, ThisHell and voodu on ice
No I'm not falling over!

ThisHell and vodu on ice
Me trying to take a piccie of us three, and failed to get myself and voodu's head in it! I'm attached to the left...

voodu, ThisHell and MrPotato on ice
Mr. Potato trying to think up an original expression, ThisHell saying, "Not another picture of me!" and the bottom half of voodu's face!

voodu, ThisHell and TRK on ice
The side attached to voodu attached to ThisHell attached to TRK


ThisHell bowling
ThisHell managing to bowl an 8lb ball - I couldn't even fit my fingers in the bowling ball!! Coo! She looks scientific!!

Zhadnost bowling
Zhadnost's sinister expression while bowling some stupidly heavy ball - shame you can't see it properly!

voodu bowling
voodu telepathicially forcing the pins to fall over (don't ask why this one was scanned in large!)

Last Update: 23rd April 1998